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Vacant Property Insurance Covers All Shapes & Sizes

Homes, rental properties and business buildings can be unoccupied for several reasons. The previous homeowner might have had to move early due to a new job, military assignment, or even an eviction. While your home is awaiting a new tenant it shouldn’t be unprotected. That’s why vacant property insurance is ready to help fill the void for your empty property.

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Standard Home Insurance & the Owner-Occupied Provision

Occupancy requirements are included in standard property insurance policies because unoccupied buildings—be they homes, businesses, apartment complexes or something else—face a higher risk of certain perils compared to occupied buildings:

  • Trespassing
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Insect incursion
  • Frozen or busted pipes

These differing risk ratios of vacant properties and owner-occupied buildings are the reason insurance carriers issue different policy types for the two.

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Not Carrying Vacant Dwelling Insurance Could Leave Your Wallet Empty

Some home insurance carriers allow homeowners to add a vacant property addendum to their existing policy. Such coverages aren’t typical and if you own an unoccupied property, it’s crucial to carry the proper coverage types.

If you insure a vacant property with standard business or home insurance and make a major claim, your insurance company will probably reject it once it learns you’re carrying the wrong policy. In fact, the entire policy will probably be nullified, leaving you financially responsible for all the property damages.

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At Ashworth & Sachs Insurance, experience has taught us that a personal umbrella policy is the closest one can come in the insurance world to being truly ready for anything. A personal umbrella policy from Ashworth & Sachs Insurance can provide an additional sense of security that comes through an extra layer of insurance preparedness.

If you’re shopping for personal umbrella insurance or are interested in learning more about your coverage options, we’d like to hear from you! As an independent Florida insurance agency, we partner with numerous personal umbrella insurance carriers. If you’re ready to partner with an personal umbrella insurance agency that puts your interests above profits, call Ashworth & Sachs Insurance today at 239-566-3355 or 888-853-6106 or fill out our online quote form.

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